I have studied abroad in highschool and college, and have always wanted to live abroad. If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE to travel. I love everything about it. From the plane ride, to the hotels, to the new people you meet, and the trying new things EVERY day. I finally took the plunge after a heart to heart with yours truly this summer.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life in sales, I’ve always exceeded my expectations and the expectations of others and have found joy in the “sale”.. eventually it all sort of wore off, and I was wondering what I was doing? Who had I become? What happened to that girl in college with the free spirit? Spring of 2012 I went back to school thinking maybe this would help, I had always wanted to go back to school to UWSP in the Natural Resource Dept because they are nationally known. I went back to school and was in the Wildlife Ecology program. It was a great program and quite honestly I learned more in that one semester than I did a few semesters at UWO in their Environmental Studies program (sorry UWO but seriously, shape up).

They required that every NRES student go to Field Camp in the summer. A 6 week camp where you get crash courses in Forestry, Wildlife Ecology, Waters, and Soils. At first I was not excited about this… at all. I was actually upset. I felt that I had accomplished things and now I had to go to this silly camp thing for the next 6 weeks. Honestly, I was so wrong and so uptight about it! And in the end I’m so glad I went, it really led me to where I am now and that is on the path to becoming who I once was, and hopefully will be in the future. That six weeks deprived me of everything I “loved” .. all my things.  I am so grateful that I separated myself from my apartment, my amazing snuggle sofa, my big screen tv, my comfortable bed etc etc etc… because in the end I realized that the separation was just what I needed to go ahead and do what I’ve always wanted to actually do… travel more. I wasn’t ready to settle down, I wasn’t ready to call it quits on a life I’ve always wanted. So after my fun and educational 6 week camp I came back to my apartment and realized that I needed a life change and I was going to do it. I told my mom who agreed with me whole heartedly.. she was surprised I never did it in the past and her support is really what pushed me through and kept me going with the idea.

I have spent this last year traveling around China. You will see through my blog there have been ups and downs and at times its been just plain crazy. But it was worth the experience. I know there are many more travels to come so follow me through them, see what you too may learn with me 😉

Below is a few places I have been … so far! Always updating 🙂


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