Mary Nohl House & Doctors Park, WI

I never knew about this place and In guessing you do not either. Quite honestly is not my type of art but I definitely value it for its historical purposes. Going to visit the Mary Nohl House is very interesting and different! I’d love to go inside but it’s currently under construction and we’re unable to. So to tell you more about it I’m not going to reinvent the wheel.. all credit goes and is borrowed from Wiki:

The Mary Nohl Art Environment (also called the Fox Point Art Yard, Fox Point Witch’s house and Mary Nohl’s house) is a residence in the Milwaukee suburb of Fox Point, Wisconsin. The property, which is filled with folk art created by artist Mary Nohl (1914–2001), is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The second place we went to was beautiful Doctors Park. If you’re able stop by! A wonderful paved trail will lead you right down to the water! The following info taken from www.Milwaukee about.com:
Doctors Park is a park in the Fox Point suburb of Milwaukee, on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It shares its northern border with the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Doctors Park is comprised of approximately 49 acres situated on a bluff, and features a number of ways to descend from the parking area and play area above to the beach and lake below. These include a paved trail, stairs and semi-maintained dirt trails.

Mary Nohl’s house

The chain link fence, keeping us away from her art!

The view from Mary’s home

Headed down to the water at Doctors Park

I love moss

Abandoned stairs at Doctors Park

New friends!

Down on the shore next to Mary’s house

Who lost a feather?

The lake never Ends!


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