Pike Lake State Forest: Wildlife in Need Center

I work part time as a naturalist at Pike Lake State Forest and we were lucky enough to bring in some pretty amazing guests!

Welcome the Wildlife in Need Center…Jewel the Ornate box turtle-they are endangered and amazing diggers. In the winter they will dig themselves and hibernate under the frost line!

Fox Snake- eats his weekly meal of mouse every Tuesday!

This is Skunk..that’s right he doesn’t have a name yet! New to the wildlife Center! He can see color, has an incredibly long tail, and comes out at night! He can see only 6-12 inches in front of his face! Afraid of getting spayed? He will warn you!!! First by stomping his front feet, slide backwards and make his tail as big as possibly. THEN kick his back legs up and do a handstand. Next they will point their butt…still no spray. If you still don’t leave them alone they THEN will spray. Naturals miracle, skunk off will help with smell.

Sova the barred owl joined us! Get their name from the horizontal bars across their chest! Their sound is “who cooks for you”. She was hit by a car, rehabbed there and cannot be released because of brain damage. they are cavity nesters. Ears, one is up high one down low size of a nickel and act as satellites! Mate towards ye end of winter, usually when you hear them the most. And they do mate for life! She only weighs 1.5lbs!

Now they work on grants and donations from YOU. If you can please take the time to reach out and donate!


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