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Big Sky, MT- Ski Trip!

So as you will soon find out, I just learned how to ski this winter. I’ve lived in Wisconsin my entire life and I never learned how to ski… There was this scaring experience in 5th grade where I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and attempted to bunny hill it, sucked at it but had to try and keep up with a friend who was a rockstar and had skis planted on her as soon as she could walk. Needless to say I was freaked out initially but I just KNEW I had to learn. Winters get long here in WI and granted I love to snowshoe and hike but being an active girl I need more. So after Christmas I got on some skis and did my best. And quite honestly, my best was pretty good 😉

I have continued to ski at a few location throughout Wisconsin (which I will be blogging about shortly) and that led me to the “big trip”. The goal was to be able to survive Big Sky, a BEAUTIFUL ski mountain in Montana. After tons of initially ski outings I felt ready to conquer (the blues) of Big Sky.

The trip was unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking. I suggest learning how to ski just so you can enjoy places like Big Sky! You will NOT be disappointed.. besides what else do you have to do this cold winter? Sit around? Complain? Boring! Get out there! Get active and enjoy this WONDERFUL world we live in. You are never to old to learn, again I was 30 and I did just fine. You can too 🙂

Looking to visit Big Sky, Montana?

Check out these websites!

Big Sky Ski Resort

Where to Sleep

Where to Eat




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