It’s Better in the Bahamas?

The reason I titled this with a question mark is clear. I’m not sure if this is a trip I would go on again. The weather when I went, maybe was a fluke but it maxed out at maybe 70 degrees. Most days were around 60 (this was in January/February time). It was freezing, and I did NOT pack accordingly, we went in the water the last day we were there solely because it was the last day. If you are into water parks then you might love this place! Honestly, I’m not into that stuff. I want to know more about history, and adventures, hiking and canoeing. So for me, this wasn’t my type of trip. But that’s ok, to each their own. I know most people love to bum around on the beach and if so, rock on, here ya go! Then Nassau Paradise Island is the place is for you!

The views were beautiful, and inbetween the cloudy periods with the sun it was quite breathtaking to see the intense blue ocean spread out before you.

We were there during the Caribbean Poker Tour so that led to some fun with the boys we were with.

FYI: I did find out the dolphins were humanely treated and cared for. They actually rescued them from ones that we run over by boats, or injured by poachers etc. So it was nice to see them so happy and to be a part of an experience where I got to see them up close!



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