Central America

You Better Belize-It!

This has to be one of the best trips I’ve had. The freedom, fresh air and adventures that were had were unbeatable!

First off we were able to hike around in the amazing jungle wilderness. The views were insane and the wildlife was awesome. We actually met up with a group that set out mist nests which is a very harm free way of capturing the birds so that data can be taken and they can be released (see the link above). We were able to see Belize birds up close and personal in their own natural habitat, it was beautiful.

We also visited many local bars, where the beer of choice always seemed to be Belikin.

We took a three night, four day canoe trip down the Sibun River; that was the most exciting trip! You were able to see things really from the natives perspective. We saw many orange grooves, and gardens and so much wildlife. We ran into a few massively sized Iguana (the one I saw unfortunately had it’s tail break off – not because of us- but it was unreal that I was able to hold him). During our river trip we camped, and bathed along the way. We made our meals around a campfire and washed and dried our clothes that way too.

One night we were sitting around telling stories and along came a new friend… Mr. Tarantula! The only time I had ever seen one was in a zoo, so this was AWESOME! Luckily he skirted away and left the group alone, off on more adventures I’m sure.

Seeing the Caracol Ruins was another beautiful part of our adventure in Belize. It was constructed between 600-900 AD, to think we are seeing architecture that old is mind blowing! We were fortunate enough to climb atop Sky Palace and see the highest view point in the ruins. I was also lucky enough to see an extremely old Ceiba Tree!

One of the other major events that I will never forget is a group of Mayan children coming home from school. We were picking up a teacher there and I decided to get out, say hi and take some pictures. These kids were adorable and very interested in me and my (at the time) tongue ring. Every time I took a picture they looked at the screen and saw themselves and gasped in amazement. The things we and our children take for granted, meanwhile these kids probably have never really seen a camera like this in person. The children were very kind and adorable and chased the bus once we got on and it was time to go.

We stayed on an island the last few days in Belize at the Marine University.  That was an island miles off the shore, and only a 1 mile radius. It was small, intimate and honestly very abandoned feeling. It made it more of an adventure. We could walk on a dock and see dolphins jumping in the sea, sting rays swimming in the water and large boats off in the distance. It was an unbelievable experience and the vast ocean laying in front of you was humbling. Surrounded by water on all sides and the island the size of just a few city blocks made you feel you were a small part in this great world.

I would love to head back to Belize someday. I know there is still a million more things to see, and I can’t wait to start discovering more!

(…PS More pics to come, they are all on that laptop that needs a little help!)


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