“Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye!”

There is an exchange program from Wisconsin to Dalkeith Palace, Scotland and I was fortunate enough to go on it while I was in college! Now these pics are very few, and honestly quite crappy. I have so many more, stuck on my old laptop.. it is my current mission to get those and put them online for you! I hope to get them up soon.

I wanted to just tell you a little bit about what I saw, and what I think you should see too!

First off intersted in the program? Check it out here!

We did quite a few tours and one fun one that we went on was the Coal Mining Tour. We were there for an economics trip so why not talk about the economy of the past and present and how things have changed over time!

Another beautiful visit is just walking down the streets near Barclay Viewforth Church. Thew views, people and street energy will be enticing and quite a pleasant trip!

I have pictures which will be coming up soon, of Melrose Abbey. This was an amazing tour, and seeing the reminents was unreal!

PS to entertain you until I return, please check out this site with old Scottish sayings. I think I’m in love!

…tbf (to be finished and coming soon!)


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