Kettle Morain North Camping

So it has been said, so shall it be done.

My sister and I have decided we need to do annual camping trips. Women vs. Wild. I have way too much fun w/ this chick, so I’m super pumped about doing this, and know that it will happen more than once a year, but this was a start.

We headed somewhere a little close to home, just because time-wise we didn’t have much (with work) and wanted to be able to have quality time together out in the good-old wilderness.

We set out to Kettle Moraine North Unit in Wisconsin. We went on a few different trails but let me just tell you about a few briefly!

  • Butler Lake Loop – This was a nice hike. It was full of hills, plains and forested areas. You really got a little bit of everything! We enjoyed this one, and it was the last one we did before we headed out.
  • Tamarack Circle Loop – this was an easy flat hike, but it was beautiful and I highly suggest it as a loop you take when you visit! It was a nice change up of going through marshy areas, then through camping sites, then looping around through a forest, and the beautiful bridge over the lake. You have to make this one on your list!
  • Green Bush Trails – We only did a short 1mile loop here because of time, but I wish we could have done more. If the rest of the loops are like the 1 mile I can’t WAIT to go back! It was awesome, I felt like I was in Narnia, or something. Going up and down hills, and seeing the rocky forested terrain. It was quite beautiful. And yes, very easy, but still beautiful none the less 🙂
  • Parnell Loop – this seemed a little long at the end. It was a lot of the same thing, but it was very beautiful. We hiked up to the tower initially and am so glad we did! It was beautiful!

Check out the website for more information on trails, camping etc!

Any questions? Ask me, that’s what I’m here for!

Go, enjoy my nature enthusiasts!


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