Door County, Wine Tours & Hiking!

I just had the best weekend! I headed to beautiful Door County, WI.

The agenda included wine, relaxation and a stop at Peninsula State Park.

The first night I was excited to go to Pelletier’s (they are known for their Fish Boilbut unfortunately it was closed for the season! Even the locals were astonished it was closed so earl! So on the advice of our amazing hotel concierge at Nordic Lodge we went to Sister Bay Bowl and I’m so glad we did! The perch was delicious and the old fashions were to die for! The wait was definitely long but worth it!

Saturday we woke up at 10:00 am and headed to the Door County Wine Trolley Tour. It was so much fun! We headed on the trolley at 10 and made three stops at some amazing wineries:

  1. Simon Creek Winery – this one was nice. The tour guide was charismatic, but the wine tasting was a smidge boring. It’s in a beautiful area and in the summer sitting outside by the water would be perfect! I would recommend the “Untouchable Red” wine. It was delicious!
  2. Door County Distillery – We stopped at the winery and the distillery. The wine was delicious! The ladies serving were very nice. The distillery was great too. I’m not a huge shot drinker but it was fun to try something new! My favorite was the Witches Brew Wine, the fruity strawberry flavors in the wine were absolutely delicious!
  3. Harbor Ridge Winery –  This was a great stop. The location was beautiful! You can also hop next door for cheese tasting after your wine tour! The lines for checking out went very fast too, so that was nice! My favorite wine there was the Knockin’ Heads Wine!
  4. Lunch was fantastic after the three tours, we headed to Galileo’s for a light lunch and drinks! The atmosphere was fantastic and I would like to go back to sit and have a few drinks!
  5. Our last stop was at Lautenbach’s Winery – the location was beautiful and the tasting room we were in was very tasteful! The place itself was chaotic and the line was out the door! I can’t remember the name (will get back to you) but their seasonal, warm and spicey wine was fantastic! It’d be great on a cold fall day!

After a full day of wine tastings, we headed back to our hotel. Later that night we went to JJ’s Mexican Restaurant! The service was quick, the food (fish tacos) were unbelievable) and the margaritas really hit the spot!

The next day we stopped at Peninsula State Park and went on the Eagle Trail (it is rated difficult but honestly I didn’t think it was that hard). It was a beautiful fall order!

What a great weekend! Can’t wait to go back during a different season and experience it all over again!


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