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Beep Beep, Cairn Delivery!

One of the most exciting things I’ve done this year… ok wait, that makes me sound lame… but still, was sign up for GET CAIRN deliveriesEvery month on the 22nd I get to open a new, fun, exciting box of treats and goodies! Things I might not even have every thought I wanted.. but now that I get them in my box, am SUPER DUPER excited!

As you have seen throughout my blog I love to camp, travel and adventure. I thought this box might be an awesome way to inspire more travel adventures and honestly just have something to look forward to each month.

You pay a flat fee $25/month, and you get your delivery near the end of each month. Each time it’s filled with wonderful things that total beyond your $25. It could be new treats from Skout Snacks or Omni Bar or something like LuminAID which I’m in LOVE with, or The Daily Tube which quite honestly is THE BOMB (I used it biking on a cold day, and have used it to stay cool).

Every month is useful things to help you along your fun camping adventures, or just help out everyday! The snacks might have been something you wouldn’t have initially grabbed, but now you get them delivered to you and you get to experience their awesomeness in the comfort of your own home, or tent!

My next delivery is coming Wednesday and I can’t wait to tell you about the amazing things I got, and what I did with them!

Here is to fun and new travels my friends with fun and new gadgets and treats!

Sign up here, and don’t forget to mention my name: Maggie Attoe!



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