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Blog Carnival: Slow Down..

Today’s article is written for the Reach To Teach Teach Abroad Blog Carnival, a monthly series that focuses on providing helpful tips and advice to ESL teachers around the globe. The host for this month is Heather Richards. I’ll be posting a new ESL-related article on my blog at the start of every month, and the carnival is always published on the 5th by that month’s host. Check back for more articles, and if you’d like to contribute to next month’s Blog Carnival, please contact Dean at, and he will let you know how you can start participating!

My name is Maggie, originally from Wisconsin but LOVE to travel! Have been around the world, and want to tell you about my stories, and offer any travel advice that I can!

This months blog carnival discussion is, “What are the benefits of slow travel for you”?

Great question, but honestly the best way to answer it is to do it yourself! Go on that adventure you have been thinking about and realize why completely emerging yourself into the culture, surroundings and eased way of travel is truly the way to go.

You know I used to be an itinerary setter, keeper and organizer, and then I realized not only did I hate that way of traveling but it drove me insane. Always having to catch “that train” or make ” that bus”… became more of a headache and stress surge than it did an enjoyment and a true experience of “enjoying the ride”. When you miss that bus… you may run into someone you didn’t expect or relax at a joint you didn’t know existed because now you have the time. I remember one trip I went to in Northern Beijing, China we were going to go climb a particular crumbling part of the wall. We took a 2 hour subway ride up, then a 2 hour bus ride, then were transferring buses to ride for another couple hours to this desolate village to stay overnight and then climb the wall. As we were waiting for our final transfer we said, “screw it this is taking too long let’s get a cab”. Well no cab came, and the few that did wanted to charge an ARM and a LEG, and possibly your first born. So we continued to wait, and wait (about another 1.5 hours) surprisingly though we ended up meeting the nicest couple (who spoke English) and told us they were going to be staying at an amazing homestead village, and getting a ride to climb the wall at sunrise… they invited us to go with them, and we EAGERLY accepted. If we wouldn’t have just taken our time, relaxed, went with the flow of how things were going to work out, we never would have met this awesome couple and then proceeded to have one of the most memorable and amazing China experiences I’ve had!

Proving, that waiting and doing slow travel can lead to the most exciting and out of this world experiences!

Near Beijing? You have got to check this out- Gubeikou Great Wall.(Notice how I said near… because this is worth the journey). Also, you have to stay homestead in their villages, Eat With the Locals, it’s amazing!


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