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Wisconsin: Oshkosh, EAA

The home base of where I work is conveniently located behind the EAA grounds, in Oshkosh WI. EAA? You may ask,… if you have lived under a rock. Well let me tell you just a brief synopsis of EAA– click the link for more detailed information otherwise here’s the short version, “it is a convention and meeting of fellow aviator enthusiasts. The fly, fix and build their own aircraft’s and then have the balls to fly them at the Wittman Regional Airport/Field.”

People from all over the world come, while locals pull up their foldable chairs just to catch a glimpse of the airfield. Courageous and quite honestly ridiculous stunts and flights can be witnessed throughout the week period this is going on. The energy within the city has an awe inspiring buzz and within that week it seems as though many possibilities are opening up through the dreams and creations of these pilots.





One thought on “Wisconsin: Oshkosh, EAA

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