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Wisconsin: Kickapoo River, Ontario WI

There are a few places in Wisconsin you NEED to go to, and the Kickapoo River is definitely one of them. Offering a variety of outdoor activities, and local home town feel (including Amish bakeries) it’s going to give you the best outdoor views Wisconsin can offer.

Now Wisconsin winter has been far too long, now going into May with the cold (40-50 degrees) constant rain, and bluster it was getting to be far too much. I’m an outdoor girl and I just couldn’t take it any longer. So with signs that the first weekend in May was going to be warm (and by warm I mean 60 degrees) we packed up our camping and fishing gear and headed to the one and only Ontario, WI. It was opening trout fishing and we were hoping to catch or dinner out on the Kickapoo.

We brought along our own canoe, and Shaun Budde from Kickapoo Wild Adventure Rentals graciously said he would let us put in at his place, and pick us up further down the river (bridge #7) for just $10. We were stoked to put our own canoe in, and see what the river had to offer. Just a few weeks prior the water levels had been sky high, and it was evident by the markings on the bank, now we were faced with much lower water levels, and constant debris in the water… non-the-less portaging a few times was definitely worth it and not too much work.

Now we were excited to catch some trout.. it started off great getting a few smaller but decent brown trout (we put them back thinking we would get bigger sized ones since we had already started out catching right off the bat). Then came the chub… and the suckers…. and then no more trout. Near the end of our endeavor the only trout we had caught were near the beginning of our journey! That’ll teach you, sometimes it’s best to play it safe and keep a keeper.. no matter what! Check out this article on Trout and the Kickapoo.

With the Kickapoo’s unbelievable outcrops, nature, wildlife, and fishing you have to make this one of the top things on your to-see-list!



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