Riviera Cancun

Mexico: Cancun Silversands Secrets Resort

It’s been a long long winter here in Wisconsin. Unfortunately we haven’t caught many breaks either. Setting records in below zero temperatures, while my snowshoes are in the corner collecting dust because to be quite honest, it’s too damn cold to go outside.

Fortunately, and I mean  I AM VERY FORTUNATE my mom busted her butt last year and won a trip to Silversands Resort in Cancun Mexico. She was able to bring a partner in crime, and at the time I best suite the bill!

We headed off on a 6 day excursion escaping this winter-land and heading to where the sun is always shining.

Feel free to click on the links above for more information on the resort and traveling Cancun, MX. We spent most of our days on the resort soaking up the sun, and the unlimited food and drinks that they had to offer. If you are looking for an all inclusive this was a great resort, not only because of the stellar, clean and comfortable accommodations but quite honestly the staff was UNBELIEVABLE. Not only were they super helpful, but they delivered food and drinks in a timely fashion.

FOOD: Every restaurant we went to had delicious food. I recommend Portofino it was the best, and I do NOT recommend Ratatouille love the name, not the food it was the only disappointing venue there. Now the portion sizes are smaller, so feel free to order a soup/salad, appetizer and the main dish 😉 and why not, treat yourself you are on vacation!

SWIM AREAS: They are plentiful and there are an assortment. If you want to get crazy with lots of people, I suggest the main pool. There are a ton of side pools and some very private areas as well that are quieter and peaceful with beautiful views still.

ENTERTAINMENT: Although it wasn’t plentiful in a variety of things to do, there were still many things recommended to their guests. We went on a night in celebration of Mexico and it was fantastic, the food, entertainment (traditional dancers) and drinks were fantastic!


On one of our last days we ventured out on a snorkel excursion. Now this I would recommend to anyone. The company was outstanding, free meal/drinks, snorkel and a 45 minute boat ride there and back out to an island where you can shop/eat etc. It was a day trip and worth every second spent out there! Check out SeaPassion Catamarans   you will not regret your time spent out on the beautiful open ocean. They will take you out to the Isla Mujeres where there is plenty to do, check out there site too!

QUESTIONS?! COMMENTS?! ADD THEM! I’ll be happy to answer!




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