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Wisconsin: Too cold to do anything, let’s ice fish!

So welcome to Wisconsin, where it is literally -50 with wind chill (oh it’s been colder too). What is there to do when everything becomes a barren wasteland of white, and you find yourself twittling your thumbs within your semi-warm residence….Well in my case, I learn how to ice fish. Not that technically there is that much “learning” per-say, but in my case, if you are in a warm(ish) shanty then it keeps you busy, have a few cold ones with great company and hopefully catch some fish in the process.

I wanted to learn how to fish, and fillet. I think there is something really fulfilling about being a part of the whole process. It comes full circle, from buying the bait, baiting your hook, putting down your line, and then praying and watching your vexilar hoping a green/red line will come nearby and take a look at your bait 😉

So far this year I’ve gone out a few times, and in the process I not only learned how to fillet, but did a pretty good job! Definitely, “marketable” fillet’s! After that I also had the added benefit to cook them up and enjoy my days work!

If you get to Wisconsin, or really any northern states, I recommend going out ice fishing, just once to try it and say you did it. Yes its freezing sometimes, and yes you catch nothing but join the Wisconsin tradition and see what it’s all about 🙂

Here’s some information on icefishing Wisconsin: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Fishing/IceFishing/





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