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Wisconsin, USA: Snowshoeing the Badger State Outdoors

I have loved every moment of this Wisconsin winter. The freezing temperatures, below zero, high winds, sunshine, warmer days etc etc… Today just happened to be a beautiful day here in Wisconsin. The temperatures were climbing to around 30 and that meant it was going to be a GREAT day to snowshoe.

My mom and I headed out and met up with a group from Adventures Outfitters in Waupaca. Hartman’s Creek State Park was the meeting point, and heading out past the Group Camping area was our trail. We set out for a 4 mile/around 2 hour hike. It was meant for all ages, and little workouts were included while doing it… who knew I could lunge, sidestep and do push-ups while wearing snowshoes. If you want to amp up your snowshoeing activity then add things just as we did! It made for a killer workout and fun while we did it! There is a perfect amount of snow nestled on the State Park Trails here in Wisconsin, so come join us for some winter wonderland fun!

Hartman’s Creek Map: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/hartman/pdfs/hartmancreekmap.pdf

The snow shoes I sported for today’s event.. they worked quite well, no complaints. Clipped on tight, felt comfortable I was a happy snowshoer 😀


Interested in renting shoes in the area? We used Adventure Outfitters!


Want to amp up your workout, check this website!


Hey, I want your feedback on snowshoes you have used before! Let me know in the comments section, not just for me but other people/bloggers on here! Also, where have you gone?! I’d love to hear about it! Leave that in the comments as well! 


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