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Wisconsin, USA: Parfreys Glen, Baraboo

Seriously!? This area is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the driftless area in Wisconsin! It escaped glaciation (back in the day) and now it leaves us with beautiful canyons, glens and hiking that YOU must explore!

A beautiful spot to hit up in central southern Wisconsin is Parfreys Glen. You will NOT be disappointed! It’s a nice hike to what used to be a boardwalk area… since then it has been washed away through flooding, but it’s still worth the adventure out there. Now I was fortunate enough to hit up this area in the wintertime SO walking across a semi frozen stream was okay (and helped w/ conquering my slight fear of going through ice, mostly because it was only inches deep here). The canyons rose up both sides, and the massive rocks that fell thousands of years ago are hanging out inside the glen area. Ice was creeping outside the cracks and crevasses alongside and created a beautiful masterpiece of natures design.

This area  is another one of Wisconsin’s treasured beauties and YOU have to check it out! Plan it into a day with a few stops! http://www.devilslakewisconsin.com/information-center/other-natural-areas/parfreys-glen/


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