Waupaca Wisconsin, USA: LumberJack/Jill Days!

I LOVE outdoor activities and lucky enough a new(er) business has rolled into town with plenty of ideas and fun things to do in the winter! This last Saturday Adventure Outfitters put together a LumberJack/Jill day with lots of fun things to help focus on fitness and being able to do it in any weather any time! The requirements were of course, your favorite flannel. Mine happens to be a soft light and dark blue striped number, my sisters was a blue and yellow one we were ready to roll!

The activities took place at Swan Park in Waupaca, WI which is a great location, huge park and lots of room for logger like activities 😉 (If you’re in WI check it out!  http://www.cityofwaupaca.org/facilityView.aspx?fid=14)

Adventure Outfitters and their team set up an obstacle course of log flipping, rolling barrels (with water in them of course=heavy!), log balance walk, weighted sleigh pull, weighted log pull and a few more activities. We partnered up and headed out. It was an awesome workout because it had a CrossFit feel to it! It’s just nice to switch things up after being in the gym for years. After a long morning of logger activities it was called to an end, what a GREAT winter day! After that lots of coffee was needed, haha so we headed downtown to brew up.

KEEP ACTIVE IN THE WINTER. It’s so important! There are so many things to do, and yes sometimes it’s cold but guess what, your health should still reign as number one! So many people are putting that to the weigh-side, they are too tired, or not enough time etc etc but remember you might not be around long enough if you don’t care enough NOW about yourself. In cold, snowy areas there is still plenty to do:

1- Snow Shoe

2- Ski/Snowboard/Sled


*These are just a few ideas, I’ll keep you updated with what I’m up to this winter as well!

Check out their website for all the fun things they offer!



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