Waupaca Wisconsin, USA: Hartmans Creek State Park- Fall Beauty

So far from my blog you have probably gathered that I not only like but LOVE being outdoors. One thing I love most is Wisconsin Falls. I came back from Beijing, China a little late but caught the tail end of some beautiful fall weather here in Wisconsin.

One of my favorite places growing up was Hartman’s Creek State Park, Waupaca. I lived just a few miles away and the neighbor boys and my family would go constantly in the summer to cool off. Now being older and realizing the value not just to the lake but to the wonderful hiking trails around it, I’ve just recently been able to explore and appreciate it even more than when I was a child. I’m excited for some snow fall because some of the trails are nice enough where we might do some show-shoeing as well! A new outdoor store, Adventure Outfitters in Waupaca has just opened and they have just the right equipment for outdoor sports needs! Yes this area is unbelievable in the summer time but relishing in Wisconsin even through the winter can be an exciting and adventurous time as well.

My sister Emily and I set off on some great hikes around Hartman’s and have a few pictures to share with you on the Wisconsin Fall beauty.



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