Being an expat in a new country can be described in one word, overwhelming! You need resources and stories you can turn to to make your adventures and travels and just plain day to day life more managable. A great website that I have used to help navigate my way around Beijing in particular was . It helped me find a community and events near you that you can attend. Being gone from your home country for over a year is at times lonely or you may feel isolated and being able to reach out to other expats is a necessary thing to make your time overseas enjoyable. This website was also a great way to connect, educate, and understand more going on around me. The events they held always possessed a fun, enjoyable and communicative atmosphere.

The living in Beijing Guide really helped me navigate my way around, and feel like my time there was to the fullest.

Thank you for helping me out in so many different ways!


the girls (Medium)


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