BACKYARD CHINA: Gubeikou Adventures

It had to be done. Another semi unplanned trip to somewhere near Beijing.

So after doing little research, (one sight said it was easy to locate Gubeikou Farm village) the voyage was started w/ a bus from the Xizhemen Station to Miyun County (note to travelers the signs are in English to find this bus, and the bus hub).

After a 1.5 hour bus ride that only cost about 10 RMB we arrived to Miyun Village, it’s the last stop so it was easy to find. Upon getting out it was insane, there were black taxi’s everywhere, everyone was overcharging MASSIVELY and honestly it was chaos. After some walking back and forth like a chicken w/ our head cut off, seeing no sign of the small mini bus transfer and the small buses were EXPENSIVE to the village, we found someone who spoke English and Chinese. They directed us to bus 25 (cross the street make sure to head North, you’ll see the sign for Gubeikou).

We waited for an hour for the bus. Then the bus arrived. Then we waited another almost 2 hour up the mountain to the village. Honestly it was a TREK. We met some Chinese friends that spoke English and Chinese and they invited to stay w/ them at the farm village, they called ahead and said there was room.. PERFECT. (Honestly this is the way to go.. no itinerary, no plans you just see what happens because then you open yourself up to something new and not a boring hotel).

We arrived at the quaint farm village. We did a home-stay and for just a few RMB more they will cook all your meals. It’s very communal and the local home-stays all get together, cook together and we eat like a big family! It’s so great!

We found out the next morning we could wake up at 5am and set out w/ our new friends to climb the crumbling great wall route from Gubeikou to Janshingling. Our minds were made, it was happening!

5am though came much to soon, and the sun wasn’t out which made it all the more adventurous. (In this village just ask the locals to help you get a ride to where you need, they will charge you honestly and humbly). It cost us just 5 RMB.

After some searching we found the hidden trail head and started our hike.

5 exhausting hours later we had made it to our point and were ready to call it a day! It was beautiful, worth every minute and i’ll let the pictures tell the whole story.

For videos please add me on facebook!


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