Cooking Abroad

CHINA: FOOD, making it your own in a foreign country

I’ve written a few blog posts about food, and I have to add a few more. I love to cook at home and I love to find quick and easy food sometimes too. Being in a foreign country I think you need just a few key ingredients to make something delicious. I don’t have pictures of all my concoctions but  here are a few that have turned out DELICIOUS!~

PS if you are in a foreign country and are homesick, sometimes a home made meal will be just the ticket. Or maybe you aren’t home sick.. it’s still just the ticket 😉

I think I have posted a few of these before, so I apologize for repeats, will update with all the new things I have made hopefully soon!
You can add a low calorie egg salad (use very very light mayo, and egg white with just a few whole eggs). Tuna salad sandwiches (same applies, very very light mayo). Home made garlic potatoes.



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