QINGDAO, CHINA: Beerfest, Beaches, Beer in a Bag..

I have looked forward to going to the beerfest in Qingdao since January, since I knew it existed.

I did my research online it says, usually the foreigners drink free, its crazy and fun and you HAVE TO GO.

I was so excited! Only a five hour train ride away from Beijing, it was a semi-quick jaunt to Qingdao. Upon arriving we stayed at Qingdao Kaiyue International Hostel. It was a quick and cheap cab ride from the railway. The hostel was nice! Everyone there was nice, and the rec room area was great! Pool tables, bar etc it was nice! Our room was clean and seemed super presentable and affordable for the money.

We headed straight over the fest, I was thirsty and ready to see what they had.

It was only 10 rmb to get into the fest.. thank God because honestly the festival was EXPENSIVE. It DID NOT say that online. It was SUPER expensive. I didn’t try any new beer because the prices were so inflated I thought it was INSANE to spend money on beer I can get at the store for literally 1/10 the price. Mini keg of Tsing Tao beer though set us straight. We found some locals on a grassy hill, chilled, drank and socialized it was awesome!

I did a beer drinking contest, Alicia, Kelly, me, two chinese people and another foreigner all participated.. and guess who won. Yours truly. I think its the Wisconsinite in me, HA! The competition was two bottleneck beers at once. I won glasses and free beer.. which I did NOT drink. I was good enough! The other girls did a drinking contest as well which we thought was drink it fast but come to find out Chinese tradition it was just who could get their beer the fizziest.. It was odd!

That night at the next day were beach days. By the moonlight and sun stream it was beautiful. A vacation is booked to go back. There is so much beauty there we couldn’t see it in a 24 hour period.

Qingdao you will be adventured even further, prepare yourself…


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