CHINA: Tattoos

Ok so now that I came clean w/ my mom I can post some pics of my tattoos. HA! Yes I admit I am a momma’s girl and I am not ashamed 😛

I have had tattoo ideas for quite some time, but they are so expensive in the states, here in China its a fraction of the cost. So I thought what better experience than to get them here.

First off, as you may or may not know my family is everything (and not just blood family but my close friends I consider family). I got the infinity Family tattoo in Xiamen.

Second tattoo I got in Xiaoyi- I AM IN LOVE with the word Wanderlust, and I also have loved the concept of anchor (like your family/friends who are your base) and the birds breaking from it, resembling your wings you have to fly.

THIRD- Sanlitun, Beijing China- I have wanted a lotus tattoo for as long as I can remember, I wanted it to be dainty and simple. I got my open lotus tattoo at ten thirty at night w/ three other friends who got small tattoos as well.

It was quite and experience.

I’m not going to say they are my last ones.. but for … a bit yes 😉


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