I am so excited and proud to say that I was a part of the FIRST EVER color run in Asia, let alone Beijing, China.

I was jacked for this event since we talked about it back in April, and now that it was here I was EVEN MORE EXCITED.

I happened to be “sick” that day for work, and made a quick recovery in time to by chance make it to the Beijing Color Run 🙂

A group of us from different centers all got together to make this happen.

Not only was I able to share this adventure w/ fellow Americans but our Chinese friends were joining us too, and that made it even more memorable!

You could tell when you got there the energy was positive and full of excitement which made this day even more amazing! After registering they had fun aerobics to get you warmed up, then everyone proceeded to the start area. Everyone was WAY TOO white, so my little team decided to give out some pats on the back and throw our color packets in the air, we were ready to get dirty from the GET GO!

The race was ran and walked, our Chinese friends weren’t much on exercise which is okay we were so happy they were along that walking it is alright with us too 😉

At every station we were lucky enough to get a rockin’ picture and get BLASTED with color!


I suggest anyone having the opportunity to do this, DO IT, its not timed, its for health and fun, and worth the comradery  and excitement!



    • GREAT question… normally no, it would be fine, its a natural based powder! But honestly it was a very smoggy and humid day in Beijing.. just walking was a challenge at times. But it was okay the people throwing the powder were very safe and you could always grab a bottle of water right after a color and rinse off or drink!!! It was so worth it, even though it was a humid day! I recommend anyone to do this 🙂

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