I had been to the art district in the winter. One word describes how I felt about it: COLD.
So it was well over due to head back when the weather warmed up, and I could actually enjoy everything around me.

Now the art district is full of shops (as you may or may not know, I’m not into tourist shops), but it did hold lots of little restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. I bet I didn’t even see half, they seem to go on forever but I saw one I really enjoyed from a photographer who took pics of black and whites. Black and white photography is my favorite so I was excited to pour over some pictures from Ireland and one of America’s states (which one it was now slips my mind, either way) the pics were GREAT!

The art district is full of quirky art projects everywhere, graffiti and statues.. here are just a few pictures for you to enjoy!



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