XIAOYI, CHINA: Tattoos, Train Rides and Cat Ear Noodles

So it’s always time to head to a new province, and have a fun excursion. This time it was off to Xiaoyi for many reasons.. 1- a little birdie told me that they have the best cat ear noodles, otherwise known as  貓耳朵, māo ěr duǒ sided with some pear juice and BAM best thing ever. 2- someone needed to get her tattoo finished. 3- it’s a trip… i’ll never say no to going ANYWHERE, and that’s a fact.

So headed off on a night train, praying to God when we get there we can call a night taxi to take us from Tiayuan to Xiaoyi (which is the small city we wanted to end up in). Of course when we got there that wasn’t a possibility but lucky another teacher in that area, Laura, opened up her home to us and let us stay w/ her.

In the morning we headed out early for a 1.5 hour taxi ride to our final destination. Arriving around noon we decided to get our cat ear noodle ON to start the trip out the right way.

Then off to the tattoo guy.. which by the way doesn’t speak a lick of English, so that always makes for a fun interesting time.

Meeting up with old friends for hot pot.


Then relaxing on a our last rainy day in Xiaoyi. Hurrying to catch our train back the taxi driver decided to drop us off down the road away from the station while it was pouring rain, so we high tailed it to the station and luckily caught our train right in time! As always the trip was well worth all the craziness and adventure that goes into it.


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