BEIJING: Stamps, old new and inbetween

So Alicia’s Aunt wanted to bring back some stamps for her father who collects them.  After some google search we found a stamp place to go to for philatelist (stamp collector).

I actually realized after going there, that there are quite a lot in Beijing. Didn’t know that til after we went inside and saw their logo.

What caught my eye was of course the antique stamps. I LOVE all things antique and was super excited to see a variety of them. I caught some on camera but it was quite the scene in person! So many different varieties, colors, and themes. For stamp collectors i’m sure this would be a nice little slice of heaven to have some beautiful oriental stamps to add to their collection.



4 thoughts on “BEIJING: Stamps, old new and inbetween

    • Great question Veronica, sorry I didn’t put that in my post. There are a few locations: here is the link to help you further with which location will work best for you!! There was a lady at our store that spoke English so if you need to call for further questions regarding their stamps I think they usually have someone who can help you that way. Keep in mind they have stamps ranging in price range from cheap-VERY expensive. So hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thanks! After I read your post, i happened to come across a shop that sold stamps and coins as I walked the busy streets. Of course, i did not write down the name but it is located right across the street from the Drum Tower at Di’anmen Outer Street. I picked up a couple of souvenirs for my nephew’s coin collection. Thanks for the info!

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