DALIAN: Seaside, Silkworms and Sleeper Trains

It’s called the city by the sea. It’s supposed to be one of the cleanest cities in China, and the  most beautiful!

My boss from my center was nice enough (since we met goals) to get a few of us co-workers a sleeper train to beautiful Dalian. As we took off Sunday night I was pumped for many reasons.. 1 THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME ON A SLEEPER TRAIN. 2 CLEAN AIR… BRING IT.

We arrived in Dalian and first set off to a sea side area. Filled w/ tons of people and tents being set up I found out that a beer festival was coming to town… AFTER I left, but it was still fun to see everything being set up.

We headed over to our bosses penthouse home (which was gorgeous) and ate bbq food. I tried too many different and new things to count. I figure you only live once, cow heel, chicken foot, and squid were just a few things on the menu.

We also got to try legit seafood from Dalian which was DELICIOUS, and a very expensive restaurant with sea food as well.

We went to the sea on the last day.. and unfortunatly we went to the non tourist part so the water wasn’t as clean as we were expecting and it was very Chinese beach (they like to sometimes put their trash wherever their heart desires). But all in all when I was rolling back into Beijing at 5am on Thursday I was happy I got to see a new province, town and surroundings!



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