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DAXING, BEIJING: My Center Kids… I’m in LOVE

I can’t help it, some of these are WAY TOO adorable to keep to myself. I’m in love with them! And I think they are finally in love with me as well. After spending now, rolling up on ten months with them, I think we can safely say we are official friends, or “pen yo”.

Also I can’t help but have favorites.. hey if you treat me like I’m your bff guess what you too are my little bff.

With my older kids I find it hard and challenging with the language barrier. Sometimes it makes me sad because I would give anything to be able to understand what they are saying and converse in enthusiasm with them as well. Little Jun Shi always runs up to me and starts telling me these, what must be, AMAZING stories about life and his quest for knowledge (or something to that affect) and I blindly nod my head in excitement and go “whoaaahhh” pretending and playing I know what is going on as well.

I find the babies and toddlers are my besties because there doesn’t have to be much language between us in the first place to remain close knit. A silly face, gesture, or tickle will do just fine.

To be able to see them grow is quite a gift, I think into the future and how I might just be that crazy american girl who appeared in their life for a year. To see them down the road if they remember our interaction in the past, would be quite remarkable but most likely not plausible, but we’ll see what the future brings…



3 thoughts on “DAXING, BEIJING: My Center Kids… I’m in LOVE

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