Cooking Abroad

BEIJING: Fresh Food

SONY DSCDelicious Home Made Mango Salsa Chicken, with cranberry walnut salad, and vinegrette Garlic Cucumbers.. I was pretty proud of this delicious combination. It was so much fun to make and tasted even better! Chicken was perfectly moist! ENJOY!~ SONY DSC

Seriously… one thing I love about being in China is all the fresh produce. Everyday you can go to your local market and get delicious veggies and fruits for cheap and they are so delicious. I feel like I have become a master at throwing things together and eating it, and it always ending up pretty good! There are so many ways to be creative, and ingenius to food ideas. The fun part is going to the local markets, being able to smell, touch and eventually taste all the delicious things they have.

Every trip to the grocery store is an adventure, and maybe that’s just because I am such a huge food enthusiast! I seriously love food, and I love cooking! The most “fun” part is going to the store not knowing what things are.. taking the chance of buying it and just trying to find a reason to use it 🙂 You never know what you can create if you don’t try and that makes it all the better!



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