Alright. Here we go! Food street located off the Wangfujing subway stop. I first went here with my chinese friend Anna. We had an amazing day of food, drinks and fun and it ended at this amazing little area.

A mix of modern day malls Zara, Gap, and other name brands its fuzed with street vendors too at every corner! As you walk past the mall you will find a beautiful blue, green and gold traditional chinese arch which opens up into a food and craft area! We aren’t talking about your normal food either.. we are talking about delicious treats from noodles, rice and tofu to … bugs, scorpions, silk worms, spiders and plenty of sea creatures 😀

When I was there with Anna I wasn’t 100% in the mood for strange food and Anna didn’t dare try it! So I went back to not only celebrate Alicias birthday but to enjoy the Chinese culture to its fullest extent and she was just the girl to endulge in such an adventure.

Not only is there the small vendor area, but if you walk down another street there is practically a quarter mile block of vendors with SO MUCH food. We hit that area up ready to take on some challenges.

With there red lanterns blazing and their red aprons, the street vendors called out to us in English w/ the few words they knew, “pretty lady, snake? It’s good…. fried banana?” Over and over, practically harrassing everyone passing to buy their food.

First… we choose SNAKE. Which I wasn’t too freaked out about but honestly knew I wasn’t going to like. Alicia bit in first, … very quickly she spit it all out and declared, “DISGUSTING”. I was next, tearing into the meat it was very rubbery and salty. NOT my cup of tea. But I swalled the ball of meat and declared the same, “definitly NOT GOOD”. So overall a very rubbery texture, it was hard to rip the meat apart and the taste was a mix of the gross spicy hottness and salt they put on it. Honestly the thing probably would have tasted better w/o any seasoning on top.

Next we cleared our pallet with some dumplings, which here on food street were over greased and mushy. So we again, moved onto something more exciting… SCORPION. Those little buggers had been driving me crazy since we came here, the ones we choose luckily were not moving or alive still. The man making them fried them, salted them, and then handed them over! Alicia and I sat down behind the vendors ready to take on this challenge.

I couldn’t take it any longer I looked at Alicia, “I NEED TO JUST DO THIS”. I took it off the stake, stared at it, “what should I do?! Half of it? All of it?” We took off the stinger and some of the little talons, and finally I said, “I’m doing it”. I bit it in half, “augh!” it was crunchy and juicy and strange, I couldn’t believe I was doing this, then BAM I ate the whole thing I had to! It was a challenege. SWALLOW. DONE. AUGH!!!!! Grabbed a dumpling, just in case I was making up the taste, but honestly.. it wasn’t bad, and I would probably do it again 😀 So my overall taste on scoprion was crunchy.. it tasted just like a really crunchy french fry or something just deep fried. Knowing what it was was probably the weirdest part about it.

Here is to life. You only live once, and I for once want to try and live it to the fullest, that means tasting everything I can, experiencing as much as I can, and adventuring to places some people wouldn’t want to go to but it’s there.. and I want to take it all in.


traditional headpiece!

traditional headpiece!

80RMB trantula, eat up!~

80RMB trantula, eat up!~

lots of vendors loaded w/ trinkets

lots of vendors loaded w/ trinkets

the lady cookin' up my snake

the lady cookin’ up my snake

sheep testicals and penis

sheep testicals and penis

all the goods

all the goods

pineapple rice, sweet and delicious

pineapple rice, sweet and delicious

scorpion= snack :D

scorpion= snack 😀



  1. Hey everyone that is a part of this blog, or liked this post in particular– if you have tried any crazy food please post it under this comment bar, I would LOVE to hear about it!

  2. I tried scorpion before, it’s crunchy and tasted like fish. I also tried to eat a bee and it was disgusting. Next time I should try a giant scorpion, tarantula, and centipede. Next time…I didn’t say when exactly, didn’t I? Hahaha…

  3. LOVE IT. Yeah I heard Trantula was mad expensive though, and honestly … I think those spiders are awesome I’m not sure I could eat one. Hahahaa. Centipede I haven’t tried and I think thats the ONE thing I wouldn’t, so props to you. How about silk worm?… I feel like I would bite into it and itd be squishy and juicy. Hahaha 😀

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