China: Facts Fictions and What-Nots For Your Curious Mind

Ok, I will here-forth put random information, facts, thoughts and what-nots into this blog post. OKAY I WILL POST NEW THINGS HERE AT THE TOP!!

  • 7/31/2013 –> A few things in regards to my bike. 1- I got hit by a car. That was so interesting! Everyone was going the wrong way down the street on their bikes so I followed the crowd, but I was seperated from the herd, and a car came rushing out and didn’t stop. Almost ran over my foot. Didn’t. So I screamed he stopped, then we negotiated for how much to keep me quiet and fix my bike. All in all I got 200RMB, went to the store, got a new bike, then realized that was stupid, it’s China you should never get new things. Returned it. Fixed my old bike, (really badly bent wheel frame and new tire) then locked it up a week later at the subway station while going out of town for a couple days and BOOM came back at 10pm, looking around like a crazy person couldn’t find it. Not just my bike but the whole fenced area around the station was removed. What the hell! I started crying, called a taxi guy and got home. My translator later asked someone and I guess the police just removed the fence, took the bikes, and no one knows where they are! This is INSANE. First off police can do this, and second they took peoples bikes. I am fortunate enough to yes it SUCKS but I can buy another cheap bike. But what about someone who couldn’t afford it. Who locked their bike up maybe went into the city to work and came back unsuspectingly screwed! I tell you sometimes the things they do here baffle me.
  • There is a lady out in my courtyard who does fencing in the morning. I will get a pic and post soon.
  • A lot of older people will hit their legs. They say it is to keep the circulation going in their bodies. You may even see them hitting their arms or other parts of their body as well.
  • In the mornings or late evening you may see a gathering of chinese women doing traditional dance in open square areas. They have their music blaring and are busting out their old traditional moves for all to see, and for “exercise”
  • Daisy, my student called me sister in Chinese ūüėÄ love her!
  • How many styrofoam boxes can one small cart lady cary?! … Enough to completely cover her cart, and stacked about 10 feet tall, while enveloping her in the front seat of her buggy.. hahhaaa= DEATH TRAP.
  • My bathroom smells like sewage… coming up from my toilet, I’m not sure? Oh China.
  • I bought around 2 dozen eggs for less than 15rmb ($~2.00)
  • Tsing¬†Tao is a rice beer ūüėÄ (which is good for me because I have a small allergy to wheat beers, they make me severely¬†hungover, and give me headaches when I drink them)
  •¬†NEW FLU: H7n9… My Lord, what is going to happen next?!
  • Pink jumpsuit lady was at the gym today. She literally has stepped straight out of the 80’s and into my spin class today. Pink jumpsuit/windbreaker¬†material is enough right?! Except that it has about 8 inches of elastic waist band, situated right below her breasts and way above her belly button… ohmy.
  • Construction: I think when they do any sort of construction around here they build aluminum sided bunkers for the workers to stay in. I keep seeing them pop up everywhere where there is new construction. I will take a pic soon and show you. There is¬†definitely¬†no heating, and it’s just bunk beds inside. Interesting.
  • Went and got another haircut today, 4/3/2013. They spoke a few English words, one thing I am getting from China though is that everyone here likes the Lakers, or at least Kobe Bryant. We touched base on our basketball then continued in silence.
  • Pretty sure at the hair salon they do not clean the equipment, like combs/brushes etc. So me and Joe Schmoe just shared hair, I hope he doesn’t have lice.
  • China movie theaters, love ’em. Went to one tonight 4/2/13 with my new friend Anna I met at my gym. She lived in Australia for awhile and has pretty damn good English which makes life a little easier for me. We went to see the World of Oz and it was great. When you go to the theaters though in China you buy your¬†assigned¬†seat, like if you were to go to the actual theater. The seats are nice and plush, and quite honestly their theaters are so nice!
  • Transport. It’s amazing how different my life is here. You can’t just go somewhere on a whim nice and easy and get there quick. If I want to go any distance I actually have to plan things out, or get ready for a long bike/subway/taxi ride. After I grocery shop, movie, whatever.. I have to be ready to cart myself and whatever I have home. It’s not hop in the car, it’s hop on my bike and go. I was so spoiled and fortunate in the states to have my cars that I had. Didn’t realize how ‘easy’ life was.
  • ¬†Cell service. It sucks.¬†
  • ¬†Buses. You better move or you are going to get run over, they have a schedule to keep. That’s that.
  • ¬†Spring.. so far. It’s been dry, windy and polluted. It’s insane how much dust and particles are being blown around. I literally look like a patient of some sort all bundled up with my hat, clear glasses (to keep debris out of my eyes, its been an issue lately), and my 2.5 ppm mask I got at Watsons…. LOL. I am quite the sight.
  • ¬†Bike Racks. They just put in all these bike racks around Daxing¬†area. It’s awesome. I found out you can put down 400RMB¬†(around $65USD) and then it’s first¬†hour free, then 1RMB ($0.60USD) an hour! Insanely cheap but a great idea for transport around here. My area is called the agricultural area, and there are poorer people, so this is perfect for them to get around easily and on a budget.
  • ¬†Chinese Ramon Noodles. I’m obsessed. Literally. They come in a cardboard container, you boil some water, add the flavoring BAM you have a meal. I never ate Ramon stuff back home but I can’t get enough of this stuff. I think they have.. super awesome flavoring and it can be spicey.. augh its great!
  • ¬†Chinese Medicine. Comes in all shapes and forms. First off, I believe I saw a friend post on Facebook they had some that had snake venom or something.. I don’t know but I believe it. Also, it’s probably not regulated. Secondly, they have natural cures as well such as the pinching your throat constantly to cure “sore throat” I call shenanigans on that but I won’t judge. Hot water is the cure-all. I can’t tell you how often I hear “drink hot water, you’ll feel better”. I’m trying some because I constantly wake up in the middle of the night hacking, the pollution is getting worse…. so far the Chinese Medicine has been a God-send and actually working.

I’ll keep you updated on new forms/etc as the year here progresses.

  • ¬†Peeing in the streets. Everyday. I mean it. Every single freakin’ day I can’t go without seeing some kid pissing in the streets (or worse). Did I tell you about the time the kid did it on a newspaper, like he was a dog, while Grandpa watched near-by practically cheering him on. Seriously people, the bathroom is right down the street, USE IT.

This is something I have decided I will never get used to, and quite honestly do not want to. It’s disgusting and I can’t handle it. Next time I will smack a child… okay maybe a parent, ¬†sorry. But true.¬†

  • ¬†Bought some eggs today, 24 eggs for 12 RMB= around $2 USD. Sweet.
  • Bought Bush’s baked beans today, 1 can 30 RMB= around $5 USD LOL, ripped off I know but seriously they were sweet maple.

2 thoughts on “China: Facts Fictions and What-Nots For Your Curious Mind

    • On Tuesdays you can go for half off, so usually around 40RMB, BUT during the week days if you aren’t VIP then you may be paying around 80-120 RMB! (Also depends on if its 3D, 2D etc.)

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