XIAMEN, China: Little Island Big Fun

I had returned back to work after Spring Festival and knew right away I had to go back to Xiamen! It was beautiful and important people were back there I needed to visit!

After a couple of weeks back at work, I booked a flight and headed off to see Alicia and Onra for a few fun-filled days.

Alicia picked me up at the airport, sassy sign in hand “Grandma welcome back to Xiamen”.. okay, so I am the oldest in the group of friends and they just love to tease me with the grandma comments! SASS. She made up for it though with a delicious carmel macchiato and I knew this was going to be a stellar four days.

Xiamen is full of street vendors, fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere you turn and most importantly sunshine. I can’t tell you how depressing this past winter has been in Daxing and I’m so excited to escape it even for a little while. I need the sunlight, honestly I am a flower wilting in my town! Most of the meals we had while in Xiamen were delicious local restaurants. Onra took me to the places where he and Alicia have been frequenting and they were fantastic. The style of food there is different from Beijing, and honestly I liked it a lot better. Every day we could grab something from a vendor whether it be the delicious mango we picked up, strawberries or oranges you are surrounded by citrus and life!

The first day we went there Alicia and I cruised the fisherman’s village area and went by the ocean. It was gorgeous! There were fishermen, wedding pictures and an awesome ocean view all around us it was very surreal to see all the beauty we were surrounded by.

Walking down the fisherman’s village area it is so quant. Different restaurants, hostels, coffee shops and boutiques filled the small and crowded streets. Making a wide loop thru this we grabbed some mangos and took a jaunt around.

Another day we went to a local park. After I took a massive and hurtful spill on some rocks we laid in the park area where a few school children came over to greet us! They were adorable. Fitted in their skates, skateboards and colorful clothes they came by to tell us many hellos and try to play foot ball with Alicia and Onra! They were so cute and friendly and I made sure to snap a few pictures. *FACT: the sad thing in China is that they do not encourage the children to brush their teeth and unfortunatly a lot of these children had rotted teeth. It’s so sad, but I see it all the time even at my center with the very young ones!

… more to come!


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