Nǐ hǎo Sunshine How I’ve Missed Thee..

Finally… it’s starting to warm up. Which quite honestly makes me feel 100% happier, I was beginning to get a slight bought of winter depression. Was slightly exhausted at work today so taking the day off from working out, when I stepped outside I realized the weather was insanely wonderful… I had to take advantage of the first beautiful day I’ve experienced in months. I went to my local grocery store grabbed a few Tsing Tao beers and a pack of peanut m&m’s. I’m ready to sit on my porch listen to some Sara Bareillas and people watch.

As I step out onto my porch there is quite the hustle and bustle around me. Normal. Next door neighbors window is open I can hear them talking and making supper together tonight (they’re newly weds). I’m on the 7th Floor, looking down I see a little girl running wild through the center garden area, a little black dog is chasing her around. Families are passing, the older women are doing laps around the courtyard and I’m continuing to sip on my delicious rice beer. The lights across from my complex flicker, they turn on by sound not motion like ours back in the states. Everyone is coming home from work about now…

Days like today I find myself missing my friends and family. Back in Wisconsin at this time my girls and I might be at Rookies after a hike, drinking a few beers and eating wings. I know though I had to do this, I want and still want to. There is a lot of growth in an experience like this. Finding the good in each moment makes things better.

The ladies at the bakery smiled at me while I picked up my beer.. good moment.

Peanut m&m’s.. enough said, good moment.

Great tunes.. good moment.

The smell of the neighbors cuisine.. good moment 😉

It’s a beautiful day and now the sun is setting into night, darkness falls around my apartment complex but not silence the hustle and bustle continue. Just another day in China…


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