China: What A Hair Cut Brings..

So I have been avoiding getting a haircut ever since my dear friend Sara went in to get a trim, and walked out with six inches less than she anticipated… My hair is already short, and I’m on the verge of growing it out, so I do not need it any shorter.

In the states I’ll go in for a trim once a month to make sure my hair maintains the health and softness I love! Here… I haven’t had a haircut since September. Oops!

So finally I saw a place across from my gym that looked decent. I had my translator Teresa on standby because I knew I would have to translate very little  to them so they knew how much to cut. Hair salons here are so different from the states, or at least from Wisconsin. They sometimes have rap music or hip hop blaring outside, they have tons of lights and fancy mirrors, and every stylist I have seen so far.. is a boy! They are dressed to the nines, with their fancy little skinny leg jeans on, their anime haircuts, and usually sporting blacks whites and greys. Not going to lie, they look cool.

So I head in, after the gym, so I’m slightly a mess and motion hair cut. I could tell most of them have probably never had an American in their salon before and they were very accommodating. They ushered me over to some lockers to put all my bags and motioned me to the hair wash station. As I sat down I wasn’t prepared for the amazing head massage that this stylist gave me. My friends Sara and Alicia will agree with me fully when I say that they are amazing. It’s one thing getting your head rubbed (who doesn’t like it) but these men knew how to work it for the salon! Hahaha.

After the wash I was brought over to a station, set up much differently from the states. Just a blow dryer laying on the floor and his combs are on a belt he wore. He also sat down while he did my hair on a rolly chair. I can’t tell you too much about the hair cut, I’m not a stylist and could not do it justice explaining, but I do know that it was much different from the way that some stylists do it in the states. Afterwards he decided to blow dry my hair and then curl it (which good luck, my hair barely holds a curl). As he was curling my hair with a roll brush he accidentally dropped it on the ground next to me, picked it up, and kept curling my hair. Honestly, I didn’t care, but I do know that wouldn’t happen in the states. He did it so nonchalantly it wasn’t a big deal!

Afterwards I proceeded to pay followed by a crowd of around ten people, all watching me get out my money, fumble around with what they were trying to say, pay and then pack up. As I was packing up I had to document my new stylist and asked for a picture! He blushed, said yes, and was kind enough to pose.

What an experience. I know the story doesn’t do it justice, but it was definitely different from anything I have experience before. Augh, all the new adventures even a hair cut will bring! 🙂



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