Cooking Abroad

Homesick Food Remedy!

So I am always trying to cook or make new things that remind me of home. Sometimes its straight on, sometimes I’m dead off. For example, I saw ham (right before Christmas) and I was like “ohmigosh, ham! Perfect for a Christmas meal!” So I brought the ham home, and tried a little first, before I started a great Christmas meal the next week… well I was wrong, the ham was flavored with this weird flavoring that they use on EVERYTHING over here.. it was awful! I threw the ham away.

So when I found some thinly sliced beef, mostly for hot pot cooking I said, “well I’ll at least try it and see what happens”. This time though SUCCESS! I made a soup mix, then threw in the beef to be flavored, and topped it off with a delicious croissant sandwich. Not only was the soup delicious and added so much flavor, but the croissants made me think of home and feel like I had made a successful homey supper!


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