Expat Teaching, China

Some more Romp n’ Roll Cuties..

Here we have Gua Gua, Xin Xin, Han Han, Ding Dong and one child I do not remember his name (I’m sorry).

Han Han is the cutie riding the rocking horse and let me tell you that rocking horse gets so much action. The kids LOVE that thing, and they don’t just rock lightly they rock it til it almost tips over its hilarious and awesome!

Then we have Ding Dong playing with our blocks and bucket, she’s such a cutie too!

Gua Gua just walks around being the most adorable thing on earth. She is super quiet but loves to love. She gives hugs and kisses on the cheek. She loves to be held. Ohmigosh I’m seriously in love with her.. but so is everyone else in our office! Hahahaa


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