BEIJING: A Friend for the Holidays!

Yay! I have a visitor, FINALLY!

Sara came in on Sunday from Kunming to spend a short week with me and I’m so excited! I’m not going to lie its been a long while since I’ve had a close friend so CLOSE to me, and I could not wait her arrival.

That’s the one hard thing about being here is that contact with your good friends and family.

So on Monday we went out and had a blast for New Years, please see New Years in Beijing. Tuesday we decided to go Tianamen Square and the Sanlitun area. First off, it was freezing, I mean FREEZING. When we got to Tianamen we walked around trying to enjoy the view but it was so cold it was hard not to rush through. Tianamen square is okay, its just a wide open area with a few things to see. I suppose its the meaning  behind it that makes the area the most valuable. Per Wikipedia because it can explain it best, Outside China, the square is best known in recent memory as the focal point of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, a pro-democracy movement which ended on 4 June 1989 with the declaration of martial law in Beijing by the government and the death of several hundred or possibly thousands of civilians. So the meaning behind it makes it special, but there are a few monuments “The Peoples Monument” and some statues that are beautifully built. We were debating going to the Museum across the street but the line was insanely long and again it was very very cold outside.

Afterwards we went to one of my new favorite areas in Sanlitun. There are so many American food areas, and people you can talk with that it can be a breath of fresh air from where I am right now. We went to Blue Frogg which has delicious burgers and nachos. Just what the doctor ordered. We then walked a bit to what used to be a hole in the wall but was redone and it’s called Beer Heaven. When we went to its old location there was a sign on the door that said, “straight 50 meters, right 50 meters, and then forwardmeters” … okay so we attempted to do just that. We went to Beer Heaven which had an assortment of beers from all over the world! It was GREAT. If you know me you know I enjoy new delicious beers. I love trying new beers from around the world, but enjoy a familiar stout, port, or dark beer when I get the chance. As we were enjoying our beer, I glanced over to the right.. I have a very keen eye and sense for chocolate and what did I find?! A kit kat bar and snickers- so we decided to take a break–  and ENJOY our new found treats. Mine ended up being a russian snickers bar made with hazlenuts I believe.

We sat there for a couple of hours enjoying eachothers company and of course enjoying great beverages.

What I have learned coming here is that you really really I mean REALLY miss your family and friends back home. Personally I am extremely close with my family and my close girlfriends back home so it is really hard being away from them. Another thing I miss is personal contact! My family for example, well we are a bunch of huggers, kissers, and teasers there is no bubble. Being here I am cut off from that. In my area where only my translators speak English it is hard to make close friends. (Still working on it though :P) So when Sara came to visit I finally had a good friend to hug, cuddle with and feel that close connection! It was so fantastic!

She was up until Friday and Thursday was spent sleeping and watching movies (I was sick and she took care of me) and Friday she took off back to Kunming. It was bittersweet knowing that it would be awhile til I saw her next, but the bright side is it would only be one month and then I could see her again, so something to look forward keeps me pushing forward here.


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