BEIJING: Happy New Year China!

So Sara came over from Kunming I was so excited to see her, and even more excited to be able to spend New Years Eve with her!

On Monday we took our time waking up, I made some pancakes for breakfast and we lounged around. We started getting ready around 3pm and headed up to the Wudaokou area. I took Sara to a delicious pizza place called The Red House. We treated ourselves to some amazing pineapple and ham pizza and cheese curds! They were Wisconsin style too!

Then we headed over to a bar called Lush to have a martini. Then off to La Bamba for mexican entertainment and drinks and to meet up with all of our Romp n’ Roll friends!

It was a crazy night, involving not knowing it was midnight (because here in China there was NO countdown), dancing on the tables, getting down and having a surplus of gin and tonic and beer. Hahaaa 😀


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