Beijing, China: Christmas Across the Ocean

On Christmas Eve this year my translator Teresa asked me if I would like to get together with her and Nancy and she’d treat me to some american home cooking. When she said that I was weary of where I would actually go and what they would do, but was excited for the opportunity to hang out with them on Christmas Eve.

Teresa took the time to look up a popular and famous restaurant in the Beijing area called “Grandmas Kitchen”.

We took a subway there and had a FEAST, Chinese Style of delicious American Food. Now usually we would each order one thing, right? Well Chinese style you order about a million things and all share (which I was unaware of until we all started eating off each others plates). Pizza, bbq bacon burger, spaghetti, rice and chicken, and chicken alfredo and to top it off famous grandmas milkshakes as well!

WOW a lot of food, and quite honestly only about 50% was consumed, but so delicious! Grandma lives up to her name!

After lunch we headed off to the famous Silk Street. I thought that this was an actual street, but I was wrong. It’s a huge building with markets inside. Quite honestly one thing I am over is Chinese Markets. I just don’t care to barter or pay for things I do not need. So we saw a few floors of this massive market and then headed off to Xidan on the subway.

Xidan has an awesome mall area, and so we checked out the market/mall areas. Again lots of shopping (something I don’t care for too much). Beautiful Christmas displays and lights though, and that made it worth the trip.

We called it a night and parted on our different subway stations, I headed home and popped in a Christmas movie to top off a great day!

Merry Christmas! 🙂


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