SANLITUN, BEIJING: An expat area

DSC04794 (Small) DSC04796 (Small) DSC04798 (Small) DSC04799 (Small) DSC04809 (Small) DSC04810 (Small) DSC04811 (Small) DSC04812 (Small)So this last Monday I made it my official goal that I WAS going to go to Sanlitun and grab Starbucks, go shopping, grab mexican food and possibly a beer at a local bar in the area.

So I headed out around noon, arriving around 2pm and my first stop was the Starbucks. You’ll be proud to know that I got a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, and a delicious Cranberry Bliss Bar! God Bless Starbucks! The shopping center in that area is really cool! The buildings are all quite massive and there are a lot of shops to choose from!

After some light shopping I headed down the street to a great restaurant called The Saddle, where mexican food and margaritas were in order for me! When I got there I ordered fajitas, and a strawberry margarita.

I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night yet, so I went to a few bars down the street. I met a lot of good fun people and had a great night!


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