TIC.. “This Is China”

I will never get used to that saying, but Andy in my office loves to use it.. he used it today.

This wasn't today but... you never know! Haha

This wasn’t today but… you never know! Haha

So Nancy, Andy, Teresa and I decided to go to a different restaurant today. Usually we head up to the sixth floor and eat from the “cafeteria” there. TOday we decided to venture outside of the mall and go somewhere new. We headed to a small literally, hole in the wall corner restaurant that both Andy and Nancy love.

The menu was in chinese but I told them I want noodles and beef and they said, “no problem”. I get my delicious noodle beef broth meal, start indulging it was delicious! About half way through I look down.. what is that?! .. Oh no, please tell me it’s not THAT.

Oh but it was.. it was a little baby cockroach just floating about in my broth. Good times. I picked it out, confirmed with Nancy and then told the owner. Of course TIC so it’s not like I’m going to get a free meal or anything, instead they brought me out a duck soup similar to the one I just ordered. I ate it, in shock and left.

I think I’m okay though and beginning to realize that TIC it really is and that’s okay, Sara would disagree and thinks I’m still in shock, so be it I guess. Hahaa.

This wasn’t my first run in with a cockroach, I think you haven’t experienced China to the fullest if :

A. you have not seen a cockroach in your apartment… CHECK (saw one a week after I moved in, haven’t since I put out sixty thousand roach bait houses).

B. you have a cockroach in your food… CHECK (good times, as mentioned).

C. you have ridden the subway and literally could not move but moved as one liquid formation with the crowd… CHECK.

D. you buy a DVD that may or may not be legal… no comment.

E. you have eaten those apple looking sugar-coated delicious things that I guess are historically the oldest Chinese treat (according to Teresa my translator)…CHECK.

F. you haven’t seen the Great Wall… CHECK (its amazing, and everyone should go see it).

Okay, quite honestly the list could go on,  but I’ll stop there.

As for now, my friends, please stay cockroach free 😀



4 thoughts on “TIC.. “This Is China”

  1. Me and my friends usually say “WTC” “Welcome To China”, hahaha. But luckily, we haven’t found cockroaches in our food…yet…never, I hope. Those sugar-coated red fruits that you eat was called “Tang Hulu”

    Can you speak Chinese, by the way?

    • Hey WTC works too… I love the sugar coated fruit.
      And I speak very little Chinese… still learning, it’s so hard! How about you!? Do you live in Beijing?

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