WISCONSIN: Missing You, Winter Wonderland…

It’s getting to be that time of the year, when all the wonderful Holidays are here.. My three favorite F’s are present; Food, Family and Friends (and in that order, just kidding).

Thanksgiving was hard, we always make a great deal out of it, and honestly I love it. We usually get together at my Grandmothers house have supper around six and eat tons of dessert afterwards. This year we were going to meet at my Aunt Vickies, and I’m not going to lie I wish I could have gone this year! My aunts make the best pies: chocolate pudding, pecan, and pumpkin I am starting to salivate just thinking about it. I heard my mom made the turkey this year, basted it and put herbs under the skin and it was delicious. So I was super envious and sad to not be apart of it this year.

Another holiday that just thinking about makes me want to cry is Christmas. If I was back home I would be curled into a blanket with either Jess, Ashley, Emily or my mother watching Hallmark or Disney Christmas Movies snuggling and drinking White Chocolate Peppermint Lattes. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Family, friends and food are abundant and the warm fuzzies are unbelievable. One thing I’m going to miss this year is decorating the new church The Core (in Appleton). I will miss Christmas services and everyone (my second family) from the congregation.

In tribute to Wisconsin Winters and Christmas time I’ve attached some pictures I took last year in my hometown of Appleton. One snowy day I ventured out on my own to attempt to capture the pure beauty of Wisconsin Winters. The day was perfect. It was cold but not too cold perfect to trample around in the snow. The snow was high, almost up to your mid calf, and it was continuing to snow.. perfect day.



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