Expat Teaching, China

CHINA: Holiday Costumes.. Chinese Style (like always :P)

So the girls are getting ready to celebrate the American Holidays. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a tad frusterating.. this whole process. They want to celebrate AMERICAN holidays, but only do partially what consists of American tradition.

For example, I mentioned something briefly about Indians for Thanksgiving (not in anyway implying the Holiday was based around Indians, but instead around farmers who had an ample feast back in 1621). Either way, what has the holiday turned into? …. Indian Thanksgiving. I apologize to any friend who may be part Indian and feels the garb — THEY CHOOSE to wear is a bit crude… unfortunately I do not have much say.

I roll w/ their ideas and see where they lead us.

The red costume they choose is a traditional Chinese outfit and this one will be worn for Christmas and New Years. In my opinion it’s a much better outfit.

Either way when we have our Holiday Parties I try to incorporate some history, and American Culture into it, and hopefully the translation goes across smoothly, *cheers! 😛


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