You know you dont belong here, when you buy some long underwear and they’re too short…

So I’ve been doing a lot of jogging in the mornings. Not only because I don’t mind jogging, but there is no gym around, which really is awful! As you may or may not know for the last year of my life, I’ve been really focused on working out, getting healthy, and trimming down. Unfortunately being here has really put a wrench in my workout plans!

So I went to a small market and bought some long underwear tight things. I need them because it’s getting so cold and I forgot my long ones back in the States. I bought them thinking, okay they may be short but I think they’ll be okay.

I get home attempt to wear them… they are extremely short, by around 6+ inches! Not only are they short but the other ones I bought have feet in them… so those are a complete no go considering they don’t go higher than my knees… HA!

I’ve gone out for a few runs so far, so good. I’m fortunate to have a river that runs right next to my apartment complex and they just put in a new sidewalk/riverwalk area and it’s really nice.

It’s quite amazing because you’ll see the older generation dancing for exercise, some older men always play badminton, and then you have a few people who do different plyometric activities (jumping, jumping jacks etc). Very interesting to watch 😛

There have been some bad runs as well, like when I decided on a new route and it went through a construction area, where they were kicking up dust all over the road.. that was not fun. Or the time I decided I “knew” my way, and got lost, that too was an extra .5 mile that wasn’t anticipated and hurt like hell!

All in all though I’m pretty fortunate to live in an area where I can run at all. If you live smack in the city you can bet that you will not be running not only is there no room, but you will have to start and stop constantly!

One of my runs


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