Sanlitun, Beijing China: Delicious Cold Beer

If you know me, you know I love a great beer (and Bud Light of course). I’ve been going through some withdrawals over here when it comes to sitting down and having a nice cold drink. I did some quick research online and found a place called Beer Mania. Beer Mania! It has to have choices the, and it did 😀

So on Monday I ventured off to Beer Mania with a friend to try our luck w/ some delicious beers. There were quite a few different brands, styles, and brews.

It was fantastic, not only did we order some delicious buffalo wings with RANCH, but had some great beer as well.

They specialized in a few different brands:


A Trappist beer is brewed under the control of  the Trappist monks. There are only 7 Trappist breweries in the world.


Abbey beers, though sometimes made from ancient recipes held by monks, are produced by independent breweries.


The  romantic, mysterious, wild-fermented  Lambic beers of Belgium’s Flanders are among the world’s rarest beers.

After that it was time to walk through the expat/foreigner area to another great beer place called “Beer Heaven” it had tons of beers as well (even the brands we had just tried and at a cheaper price). It was fantastic, it was a liquor/beer store where you can buy the beer and leave or drink it there!

Later it was time to meet up with some friends at a place called Blue Frogg. Specializing in burgers it now is my favorite restaurant! All different burgers ranging from mexican, to Aussie burger (which I had with an egg on top) to bacon burgers, and beyond! Loved the choices and LOVED the food there!

Overall what a great weekend!


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