Dio Coffee, My New Love

Last weekend I ventured out past my normal subway stop in my town Daxing. I found the most amazing, beautiful, glorious site! DIO COFFEE. Literally it shone like a beacon from Heaven. From the looks of the outside it was very large, upon entering it has a revolving door. Seriously, could the anticipation be building anymore?!

When I entered it was quiet, but very spacious. Dark lighting and greens and blacks decorated the area. It was really quite stunning for a coffee place, it looked almost like a nice, old classic restaurant at one point. Two women greeted me and one spoke very little English. The place looked so fancy I wasn’t really sure if this was a coffee joint so I just said, “coffee?” hoping one would understand, and luckily she did!

I sat near a window overlooking a small road off Daxing. She gave me the most amazing menu filled with so many different coffee, smoothie and gelato drinks. I have never seen so many fancy looking coffee and drinks. Some were priced well above $10/cup of coffee, just a cup!

I decided to get a mint coffee. I have a picture but unfortunately my kindle decided not to work. Not only was the presentation beautiful, mint on the bottom, next milk, next coffee, next whipped cream but it was delicious as well!

Lets be honest, I decided to get desert as well. I saw the chocolate mousse cake and there was no questioning it.

When I made my order it was a colder day outside, and the Chinese bundle up to the extremes! I ordered my coffee and cake and she said “you sure?! It’s cold” I replied, “yes very sure” it’s funny how they are always concerned about you and others when it’s cold out. Very different from what I’m used to.

Here is the link if you wanted to check out their website, it is in Chinese but can still be fun to navigate :


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