Cheese Coffee and other odd occurances..

I love looking at translations from Chinese to English when you are going to restaurants, vendors, etc. It’s always interesting what you will find.

As you may know, I love trying new things. 90% of the reason that I came to China was for the amazing experiences I wanted to have. Unfortunately living in small town Daxing which is an 1.5 hour subway ride, or 1 hour taxi ride ANYWHERE interesting has led to some issues. I try to venture on my days off which are Monday/Tuesday but I work so much during the week on the “weekends” I usually have to catch up on errands or chores. So I’ve been trying to find little things that interest me within my small town.

So lately my drink place has had something called Cheese Coffee.. I’m not going to lie, being from Wisconsin The Dairy State, I had to try this first off you have cheese and secondly coffee really what could be so bad?! So I did, yesterday 11/09/2012 I took the dairy plunge, and quite honestly it was delicious! I’m pretty sure it’s not cheese that adorns this great drink if anything maybe a creamed cheese or heavy whipping cream, not quite sure. But great job “It’s time to..” vendor A+ on your coffee.

And afterwards quite honestly it made me a smidge homesick, give me my good friends or family and a Starbucks any day and I’m a happy woman. This time of year I would be carting around a Pumpkin Spice Late or a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, *sigh. But hey at least I found something to semi replace my Starbucks here in Daxing aka middle of nowhere… LOL



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