A Wedding in Beijing

Getting married in China is a little different than Western culture is used to.


Typically its how we do things, the engagement could be around one year. From my office Nancy was engaged for one year, May though wasn’t engaged at all and just got married ūüėõ

Its tradition as well to ask the parents!


Usually after engagement when you choose to become married you get a marriage certificate (I’m assuming something like going to the courthouse and getting paperwork signed). Then usually¬†1 year later they throw a big party! Every case can be different, Nancy got married on¬†6.26.12 and her big party was just a few¬†days later¬†6.28.12, may just got married right away but has not thrown her big party and it’s been over a year. So it can range in what they choose to do.


After you are married you take an abundance of¬†wedding photos. Typically the woman will wear¬†5-7 different¬†dresses, ranging in color, patterns, material etc. The groom will also change his attire to match his new wives! So it’s like they have their own fashion shoot!

When Sara and I went for a walk through the Forbidden City we ended up seeing a photo shoot go on for a woman who had just gotten married. It was quite amazing and the pictures do not do her or her dress justice!

I love these cultural differences it makes everything more interesting, exciting and fun!


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